Licensing Tools


The Product Info Request Server can handle up to twenty five serial numbers and/or registration keys per request.

A valid F5 Registration Key is comprised of alpha-only characters arranged in blocks, separated by hyphens:


The last segment (rightmost, denoted above as 'AAAAAAA') of a registration key is referred to as a 'License Serial Key'. This value is unique and is used as a "short hand" method for identifying a specific registration key. License Serial Keys cannot be submitted to the Product Info Request Server to retrieve data. A full registration key must be used.

Any valid F5 Registration Key can be entered. The Product Info Request Server will return data on both Base and Add-on Registration Keys.

F5 hardware products have Serial Numbers that begin with a variety of formats such as F5-AAAA-BBBB, CHS12345S, and BLD12345S. Registration Keys and Serial Numbers are not case sensitive.

F5 Product Profile Definitions

Field Description
F5 Product Information

This section contains the following type of information:

  • Product Part Number (example: F5-BIG-LTM-i7800)
  • Product Usage:
    • Production (unlimited use)
    • Evaluation (evaluation of product for a limited time prior to purchase)
    • Demonstration (demonstration of product for a limited time in training or testing environments)
  • Product Order Status
    • Sales
    • Eval
    • Eval Conversion
    • Reseller Eval
    • Demo
  • License Time Limit
    • N/A (no time limit)
    • 30 (30 day limit from date of activation)
    • 45 (45 day limit from date of activation)
  • Serial Number
    • Serial Number (hardware serial number)
    • Engineering Platform
  • MAC Address
    • First MAC Address locked to the serial number
  • Appliance Status
    • Replacement (RMA replacement unit)
    • Defective (Faulty unit in RMA case)
      Note: Hardware status will mirror product order status unless RMA'd, which will show the values above depending on the state of the RMA transaction. If an RMA is in process, multiple appliances may be included in the product profile.
Service and Warranty Information

Lists all recent service contracts assigned to the system. For each contract, it specifies the dates of service coverage and the F5 service part number.

  • Entitled Service
    • Date Range and Service Part Number purchased
  • Warranty End Date
    • Hardware Warranty expiration date
Base Key For F5 Product

Registration key for a base F5 product, such as BIG-IP and BIG-IQ product lines. If you requested a product profile for a serial number using the base registration key, only the last segment of the base registration key is shown for security purposes.

  • Base RegKey
    • Last segment of registration key
    • RegKey Status:
      • Available (not yet activated)
      • Locked (activated and locked to a specific system)
      • Retired (no longer available for activation)
  • Product Code lists the primary software feature
  • F5 Platform
    • Engineering Platform
  • First Activation Date
    • The date the base RegKey was initially activated
  • Last Activation Date
    • The date the base RegKey was most recently activated
  • License Time Limit
  • MAC Address
License Modules

Lists all software options added to your base product license. For each option, the last segment of the corresponding add-on registration key is displayed, along with the corresponding license settings and current status.

  • Valid registration key status:
    • Active (all add-on modules purchased with base product have an 'active' status prior to base key activation)
    • Available (not yet activated)
    • Retired (activated and added to a base product license-not available for activation on another system)
Hardware and Software Options Lists all hardware and software options purchased at time of sale or added at a later date. The part number(s) and serial number(s) listed in this section would appear on a renewal service contract.
Unknown SN Indicates that the registration key has been activated on a 3rd party platform with an unknown system serial number.